Online Individual Therapy

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Avoid a commute, traffic, cost of transportation, and, more 

importantly, save on what 

little time you have. 

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Research is consistently showing, online therapy is just as effective as 

face-to-face. Meet from the comfort 

of your own home, office or your travels

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Online Group Therapy Options


Online Group Therapy

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence showing that group therapy is as effective as individual therapy. In 1994, over 700 studies showed that groups consistently produced positive effects with various disorders and theoretical backgrounds. In 2003, a research study showed that group therapy appears to be effective overall and IS as effective as individual therapy for many complications.

Online support groups increased individuals

1. Sense of wellbeing 

2. Sense of control 

3. Self-confidence 

4. Feelings of increased independence 

5. Increased social interactions and 

6. Personal empowerment

Online support groups are as good as face-to-face groups. There are advantages to online groups. You do not have to pay for transportation, saves time, and removes the hassle of a commute.

There are two forms of online therapy groups. 

1. An asynchronous group is a private internet forum. Asynchronous means that there are no time boundaries. One can post an update, and not everyone is online at the same time. In online groups that involve text only and no video, the anonymity creates an illusion of more control. An illusion of control permits more self-disclosure and allows people to be more spontaneous, honest, and open. 

2. Another kind of online therapy groups are synchronic groups. We use a video conference app called Zoom, and all group members are online at the same time. Group members can see one another and hear one another. The free version of Zoom is not HIPAA compliant. There is a version of Zoom you can buy which, is HIPAA compliant. 

Individual Vs Group Therapy

Individual therapy is terrific for people who are working to obtain a specific outcome. It also provides a space where you may share parts of yourself; you are not ready to share openly.

Each therapy session provides an opportunity to discuss in detail your background, history, and personal goals.  We will explore the obstacles that have continued to get in your way — preventing you from obtaining your goals.  Some of these obstacles may include resolving trauma and identifying and breaking negative thinking patterns.  We will identify your resources and coping skills. 

Talk to Cynthia to see what would be ideal based on your current needs and desired outcome.

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