Sensitive Living in an Insensitive World



Jokingly, I would tell others I am an empath in recovery. I no longer view my highly sensitive self as a flaw and something I need to recover from. My highly sensitive self is my superpower. 

Recent research shows that 20% of people are highly sensitive. The upside is, this group perceives the subtleness of interactions in a way that others miss. We're gathering information and putting it together. This integration allows our knowledge and wisdom to build and cross-pollinate. We feel deeply, and this gives us the ability to empathize in ways some people cannot. This group tends to be highly creative and successful in their career choices. This creativity allows for innovative ideas. 

We are all aware of the downside and the stigma assigned to highly sensitive people. They feel "too much," they "ARE too much," and they are "overly dramatic." Loved ones unintentionally shame our vulnerable selves into hiding. This hiding leads to a detachment from one's feelings and a disconnect from one's true self.

Life is already hard at times without all of the emotions that highly sensitive people feel. As a confessed, highly sensitive person, there are times that I walk out into the world, and it hurts. There's a rawness I feel in interacting and engaging with the world, which makes life hurt a little more.

People want the upside of our being, but not what some consider the downside. Our creativity is sought because of the beauty we find, create, and bring to the world. Our compassion and ability to feel profoundly is wanted because of our ability to empathize and advocate for others. 

Highly sensitive people often receive contradicting messages. It begins with "feel, but don't feel too much." "Don't rock the boat and bring attention to the dysfunction around us, but feel deeply about superficial issues that don't have a significant impact on life." "Stop caring so much, but drop everything you are doing when I need you to help me."

From one sensitive person to another: feel "too much," "overreact," and "rock the boat" proudly, knowing that you are not alone and the sensitivity you feel is a powerful gift. Channel that energy into creating beauty around yourself. Find supportive friends who appreciate and support the real you. Find healthy outlets to express deep emotions. Take a look at the community around you and find a cause you can support and bring to the light. 

This group provides a place where you will be understood and appreciated as you are.

Teen ONLINE Group

Meets online using Zoom Mondays from 430-530

Adult ONLINE Group

Meets online every Monday from 7-8pm

A second group meets online every Monday from 10-11am


You can contact Cynthia for more information on how you can join